Victoria June

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Victoria June

Victoria June is Well known American pornographic actress. She was born on May 6, 1992, in Brooklyn-Newyork. Victoria is noticeable for her work in American pornographic industry. June was debut in a pornographic industry in 2017. Victoria started her carrier as one of the highest-paid actresses in the pornographic industry. She achieved great success at the age of 20Victoria is making a great success from his freshest face, beautiful personality and her fantastic look. She was an assistant for the health care of the elderly in the hospital in Queens before her porn career. Victoria was also working as a dancer in several clubs in NY because the money which was earning by Victoria is not enough for her that’s why she also works in several clubs as a side job.

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Victoria June

 Facts about Victoria June

  • She loves to sex with oldest guys because she perceives fine and learns something new from them.
  • Victoria was decided to try in porn world in June 2017 so her name is June.
  • She did a boob job before his first shooting because she felt better that way.
  • Her most of the scenes are hardcore.
  • she loves kissing and tenderness in sex.
  • victoria works in the different type of categories such as big boobs, ebony, facial, creampie so you will found her in those categories.
  • she likes to listen to music such as hip-hop, trap.
  • Victoria has no boyfriend but she sex with many people she also loves to seduce guys around her because of this she lost her virginity at the age of 17.

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