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Hi honey! It’s me, Kate Maxx ! On this page, you can sign up to my private snapchat! Once you do, you will receive exclusive pictures and videos and we will be able to chat directly! You may know me from Naked News as Carli Bei!

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Kate Maxx
Kate Maxx

I am Kate Maxx currently hosting swingers parties at Hedonism (sex friendly nudist resort) multiple times a year with Young Swingers week, touring across Canada as a feature exotic entertainer, making my own x rated videos as well as trying sexy adventures to review on my youtube channel.

I’m often at nude photoshoots or hanging out with my nudist and stripper friends. With my snapchat you’ll get an inside look at my life as a professional naked person and be at my live nude events with me! Hope to be snapping with you soon

I am a model, actor, on-air personality, feature exotic dancer, MC, host, seductress, and all-around entertainer. When I’m not performing you can find me traveling around the world in unconventional ways. I like to keep things exciting by mixing things up, pushing boundaries and always trying new things at least once! I’ve got a very sexual being and I love to explore and express that in many forms.

Most of the time you’ll find me performing on stages across Canada as a feature entertainer. My specialty is the light whip and character shows. You also may have seen me as Carli Bei on an online program called Naked News. I’ve always been an overly sexual human being and have no problems showing it off. I love finding new and creative ways in exploring my sexuality and hope you’ll join me on my journey.

I’m often known as the wild one in most group settings. I have a dirty mind and a filthy sense of humor. You can often find me at sex clubs and resorts, Young Swingers® Week, or running around naked on any beach I can find. My interests have always been geared towards the adult industry. The second I was of age I was modeling in the window of a sex store wearing fetish gear. Things just snowballed from there. I also took up exotic dancing at that time, but I’ve kept that a secret UNTIL NOW! I’ve been working hard on my performances and am the house feature at Brass Rail in Toronto, as well as a touring dancing all over western Canada. I do hope to enter into the world of exotic dancing competitions very soon!

I’ve often been told I’m fearless. From getting my PADI scuba certification BUTT NAKED to surfing with sharks in the open ocean in the middle of the night. If it’s risky, I want to do it. Now that I have a presence online I’d love to share my wild and crazy adventures with you.

I’m 5’7 of Chinese decent, born in Southern Ontario, Canada. I’m 130lbs with brown hair and brown eyes. My body is completely natural, and I intend on keeping it that way. I’ve had zero work done on my face/body! 100% ALL NATURAL. my measurements are 32C, 27, 37. The one feature people notice most about me is my long legs and my heart-shaped booty.

My specialty is dance, having trained and competed for many years I’ve learned own to translate the grace and beauty of classical dance to the adult world. My art is seduction. whether it be in person, on stage or online. I love the idea of touring and giving my online fans a chance to catch one of my shows live and I’m always happy to give away merch to anyone who comes to see my show. I do have posters, magnets, key chains, lighters and more available in my online store. I’m constantly working on new posters and merch for my fans. Personalized Polaroids are also available. And for all you social media lovers, I do offer a premium Snapchat so you can follow me on my daily adventures (18+)

Let me whisk you away to my world where fantasy is reality and behaving is only a suggestion.

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