Karen Fisher

Hi, I am Karen Fisher Do you want to see all the naughty fun I’ve been up to in the privacy of your phone? If you do, my private snaps are exactly what you need! Just make sure you don’t open snapchat when someone’s watching ;]. Enjoy my daily adventures! Love,

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Karen Fisher
Karen Fisher

You might not believe it at first, but busty super babe Karen Fisher grew up a shy girl who didn’t lose her virginity until she was much older than the rest of the girls around. Still, deep down inside, she always knew she was a wild child and was just waiting for the right time to let her inner whore out. At 18, she started stripping on the side for some extra cash, but soon found out that she enjoyed it way too much to do it just for the moolah. One night, she got up on stage with a girlfriend to compete in a live sex show, and she won 1st prize. After years in the business, it’s easy to see why she was always destined for greatness. She’s a buxom vixen with knockout boobs that can smother your face into oblivion. If you’re going to give this girl a tit fuck, you better be equipped with a real long dong to poke her chin and smother those jugs in jizz. This kinky cougar takes throbbing wangs any way she can get them… in the mouth, poon and butt-hole. Karen loves a good threesome, especially when a young piece of teen fuck meat is involved who she can teach a thing or two about how real horny MILFs do it right. Up-and-‘cumming’ starlets should all take a lesson from the one and only Karen Fisher.

With her impressive tits, you would not leave your phone to watch that tits bouncing

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