Carrie Lachance

Hey my loves, I am Carrie Lachance thank you so much for checking out my website. I love sharing my sexy photos and videos with my fans here on my website. I love showing off all my designer high heels, pantyhose, and of course my naked body from time to time 😉 If you want to chat be sure to send me a message so we can chat one on one.

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Carrie LaChance
Carrie LaChance
Carrie LaChance

Hey guys, here is a little more about your favorite model 🙂 Well, fist off I grew up in the small town of Dover-Foxcroft, Maine. Now when I say tiny, I mean a population of fewer than 4000 people. Like many young women, I had dreams of becoming a world-famous model and actress. Shortly after graduating from high school in 2003, I attended Cosmetology school. I quickly discovered myself in a financial struggle and was forced to work multiple jobs, as a cashier, hostess, telemarketer, and pizza delivery driver to make ends meet.

One day, while hostessing at a popular restaurant, a local photographer asked me if I wanted to do a photo shoot. Although hesitant, I realized this could be the opportunity I was looking for, and that is where it all started. After a few months of booking regular shoots, I started incorporating my love for sexy fashion and heels into my photoshoots. This is when I began to truly develop my passion for crazy high heels and unique pin-up style which started to form the foundation of the soon-to-be “Carrie LaChance” brand.

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